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Final NEC Phil Concert of 2014: Goodbyes and Good Lucks

from left to right:  Breanna Ellison, Eileen Coyne, Mike Alexander, Alex Henton, Dominic Brancazio

This concert concluded the year-long saga of "Truth to Power" at New England Conservatory.  The final concert was RIDICULOUS (in a good way), both in terms of decibels and the terrifying emotional journey (it's Shostakovich, ain't gonna be happy) that only an hour-long, non-stop work depicting the tragic deaths of thousands of Russians revolting against the tsar could.  Not to rat myself out, I actually teared up on stage at one point, and I will never forget this moment.  (I'm not a total mushball - there was this super-high overtone a couple of octaves above the viola line in the third movement ("You Fell As Heroes") that I could never hear in Jordan Hall.  I don't know if anyone else heard it, but it was extremely eerie - sounded like some ethereal, other-worldly whistling of the melody. --> Shivers.)  You'd cry if you thought you heard the dead whistling, too.

This was truly a horn section of friends, all amazing players who appropriately went balls-out for this concert.

I will dearly miss them, ALL of whom are graduating and going off to newly-won jobs and graduate school!

This photo was taken after the Beethoven/Prokofiev/Shostakovich concert, April 23, 2014 Symphony Hall with NEC Philharmonia, Hugh Wolff conducting.

The theme "Truth to Power" may be over for the year at NEC, but I have a feeling the theme is only in its infancy in its application to our world...

Listen to the entire concert for free here or watch the Shostakovich here!


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